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Church Post Code LE15 7DH.

The two Vale of Belvoir Angel headstones here were not included in the Heathcote's 1970's study.  These type of headstones are very rare in Rutland, with the only other recorded being in Ashwell.  These are to members of the Laxton family, with Thomas passing away in 1703 and William in 1708. 


The Laxton family graves have sat side by side for more than 300 years. Curiously each grave is simply to the deceased. No other family mentioned.

The stone to Thomas Laxton  has the hourglass and crossed bones symbols, the latter being badly damaged,

This stone reads ' Here lieth interred the body of Tho Laxton who departed this life May 9 1703 in the 69th year of his age'

At the bottom, it is inscribed...

'Grieve not for me my glass is run. It is the Lord his will be done'.

The gravestone to William Laxton  dates from 1708, and the age of death is left blank. A message to the onlooker, carved across the top says  reads 'Remember Thy End'

This stone reads 'William Laxton died ye day of June 24 1708 in the (blank) year of his age'


An interesting passage at the foot of the gravestone reads 'Farewell vain world I've had enough of thee. I value not what thou canst say of me. What fault thou'st seen in me take care to inur. Go look at home there's something to be done'.

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