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Church Post Code LE14 3DR


The Heathcote study recorded three Belvoir Angel stones here; with each of the three being what they described as a 'variant' from those normally seen. In other words, these stones have the Belvoir Angel but are different in style and are likely to have been produced by a different firm of masons.


This stone, to two children from the Hickling family contains two Belvoir Angels, but is very much different in style.  The angels are finely carved but all of the text is contained within a roundel. This stone reads ' Here lies interr'd the bodies of 2 children of Thomas and Elizabeth Hickling  Thomas died April ye 9th 1727 and Elizabeth died April the 290th 1728 in the first year of their age'


Close to the south east corner of the church there are situated two Belvoir Angel stones, again each of these being a variant design. 

There are several stones all tightly packed against each other, not in situ and are difficult to photograph as a result.

The stone to George Henton is beautifully carved and is a glorious piece of work. 

'Here lies the body of George Henton who departed this life April the 30th 1711 aged 82 years'

'Here lies also the body of Eliz wife of George Henton who died May the 12th 1682 aged 50 year'

The hour glass and crossed bones are present here, with script running across the top saying 'As runs the glass our lives do pass'  It was evidently an often used analogy in those days to liken a persons life to a glass that was being emptied.

The third stone recorded is to William Henton. The angel here is delicately carved and is likely not to come out too well in the photograph enclosed.

This one is inscribed 'Here lies the body of William Henton deceas'd Octobr ye 19th 1727 aged 66 years'

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