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Church Post Code NG23 5HJ


It is curious how a single Vale of Belvoir Angel gravestone could find its way in to a church grounds, several miles away from the next nearest. This is what we have here though, with the stone in question in memory of Martha Musson.

The stone is in very good condition but is not standing any more, being propped up against another gravestone.

This one is unusual in that the angel appears half way down the stone. The first line 'Here lies ye body' is carved in relief; the background being carved out from around the letter, leaving the letter standing proud of the stone.

It continues 'of Martha the dauter of John Musson by Margret his wife she died June the 11 1726 aged 5 years'.

Those who suggest that these masons were semi literate would have their suggestion backed up by the spelling of 'dauter'. There is also spacing issues, with 'Margret' being completed in small lettering above. What can't be argued is their skill in other areas, the carving of the angel a thing of great skill.

At the foot of the grave can be seen 'Short was her race long is her rest  God takes them soon who he loves best'.

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