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Church Post Code NG33 5QX.


There is just a single Belvoir Angel stone in the church grounds here.

This is a double angel stone, recording the deaths of a married couple who died within a few months of each other in 1719. There are two columns here, with the left hand column noting the death of the husband  

'Here lies the body of Richd Line he died Sept the 23rd 1719 his age 66 year'.

The right hand column is for his wife ' Here lies the body of Elenor the wife of Rich Line she died Febr 5th 1719 aged 60 year'

'Tho death has parted you and I & our bodys to dust must turn  I hope that we shall meet again you have no cause to mourn Dear friends do not lament for us but cheer up now your heart and hope yt (that) ye may come to me where death no more will part'.

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