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Church Post Code LE67 5HA


There is a single Vale of Belvoir Angel stone recorded in the church grounds here. The gravestones in this churchyard are not in situ; they have been uprooted and laid against the edge of the church grounds, with the Belvoir Angel stone to be seen to the north east 


The Belvoir Angel stone here is badly damaged at the top, with both wings quite badly affected. Any symbolism to top left and right corners is lost.

This is an interesting stone with regards the lettering. When I posted up this image to the Facebook page, more than one person commented on the fact that it looked like there were several different hands at work in carving this.

Two lines are carved in relief; the area around each letter being carved away to leave the letter itself standing proud of the stone.

The problems that the masons had with lettering are again in evidence here; with space running out before the surname Burton was completed.

This one reads 'Here lies the body of Mary the wife of Hen Burton  she died Oct 18th 1724 aged 51 years.

'So fare (far) and near you'll hardly find another so good a wife and very kind a mother In all her actions she was very kind and will be hard for to slip out of mind'.

'Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.  Rev 14 : 13'

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